In Response to a Response

So Time, (I’m calling you Time, because I wouldn’t want to accidentally spell your name correctly and subject you to all forms of ridicule) this is all your fault.

I started a blog, and thought you’d enjoy and sent you a link. And what did you do?

You started a blog about my blog with the sole purpose of blogging about whatever was on my blog.

While I’m deeply flattered, (considering I’ve only been doing this about a week) this declaration presents some amusing opportunities for me.

Like if I decided to post about something you, Time, posted about. Would you then post about my post about your post? If you did repost about my post about your post, and I then posted about that, where would it end? Would it end at all, or would we merely continue the rest of our lives locked in a never ending reposting-posts battle?

What I truly hope will happen is that you will find your own blogging voice, Time, because I think you’re pretty funny as well and would love to read more of your (original) blog. Good luck!

And yes, I am very flattered and here is a link back:

Time’s chinese pizza

Please enjoy.


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