#5 Best Friends

Specifically, a best friend.

One of the biggest reasons I feel so blessed is that I am lucky enough have one of these rare people in my life. That is, a person who is NOT in any way, shape, or form the silly ‘bf’ or ‘bff’ thrown about senselessly by ‘tweenies’ on various social networking sites, but rather, a kindred spirit.

I have a friend who has been my faithful wingman as far back as I can remember. Like Han and Chewbacca, (fine, you can be Han), Shawn and Gus, Ben and Jerry, Kirk and Spock, Batman and Robin, Frodo and Sam.

Someone who can brighten my day with a single text.

Someone who can recognize my obscure quote, name where it’s from and finish it.

Someone who likes to laugh almost as much as I do.

Someone who can read the horrifically stench-full first draft of my novel and not only NOT burst into immediate cry-snorting laughter at the cheesiness (or heaven forbid my attempts at romance), but also nod gravely as if they were the world’s top literary critic, hmmm and haw, then tell me honestly what they thought.

Someone who can call me out on my crap when I need it.

Someone who will wear ridiculous T-shirts and go fandoming with me to midnight movie premiers/book signings/cons.

Someone who I hope will be present at my college graduation, wedding, and my  first (and 90% potentially non-existant) book signing.

Someone who is mind-bogglingly AWESOME, and constantly reminds me of that fact by doing ridiculously amazing things out of the blue.

Aside from the aforementioned awesomeness, another notable quality is that this person has also put up with me for a lengthy period of time, which in and of itself makes them worthy of many satchel’s full of gold. Preferably mounted on alpaca-back. Since I appear to have an unfortunate shortage of alpacas at the moment, I can only give the grossly inadequate cliche of ‘thank you’ and hope that the unspoken can stand for itself.

Here’s to you, Kris.


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