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My favorite movies list:

So, I probably have too many movies to place here, so don’t get all up-in arms if you don’t spy your favorites. Also, I’m a more ‘mainstream’ watcher and my knowledge varies from genre to genre, so don’t expect any anime (sorry), unrated films, older films, or horror, because I generally don’t watch that kind of thing and if I did, I wouldn’t know enough to make intelligent commentary on the matter. (Whether or not I have intelligent commentary now is another matter entirely).

All will be revealed, after the break.

Everything Pixar- With the exception of Cars 2, which dipped most unfortunately into mediocrity, Pixar has fantastic heartwarming stories. I could list all of their films (save the aforementioned one) on this list, but that would take too long, so I’ll merely give you my favorite of favorites: The Incredibles.

How to Train Your Dragon– If Pixar is the ruling monarch of animation, Dreamworks is its stunted half-brother who ran off to elope with pop-culture references. At least, that’s what I used to think. For a while, it seemed like Dreamworks was just trying way too hard to wave it’s middle finger in Disney & Pixar’s faces. When it finally got over that period, (somewhere in between Over the Hedge and Kung Fu Panda) and started coming up with it’s own ideas, the quality movies improved drastically, finally culminating in one of my all time favorite movies, How to Train Your Dragon.

How to Train Your Dragon (film)

All together now, 'Awwww'

Star Wars- Because no movie list is complete without it.

Iron Man 1 & 2– Because Robert Downey Jr is not Tony Stark. Tony Stark IS Robert Downey Jr.

Cover of "Iron Man (Two-Disc Special Coll...

Oh, nar yes.

Napoleon Dynamite- Yes, I know. Yes, yes, I’ve heard that too. But I still love this movie. Vote for Pedro.

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy– For the battle shots alone. Heck, if all three movies were absolute crap BUT they kept the Helm’s Deep sequence in, I’d still be tempted to put it on this list.

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy

So much epic....

Schindler’s List– I don’t cry, especially during movies, (unless they’re so heart-wrenchingly bad that I laugh until tears come), but I did at the end of this one.

(Most of) Indiana Jones– NO THE LAST ONE DOESN’T COUNT! Why do you do these things, George? Why!!!

The Dark Knight– Because if you can do a gritty reboot after this:

unfortunate bat-nipplige

You deserve an award. Plus it was the only time I’ve ever been genuinely freaked out on behalf of the hero in a superhero movie. When it’s Superman, you know he’s going to get back up, remove the kryptonite dagger (or whatever) and save the day. With Heath Ledger’s Joker pulling the strings, you’re not so sure.

Monty Python & The Holy Grail– if you need me to list reasons, I’ll send my rabbit after you.

Chapman as King Arthur in Holy Grail

African, or European?

The Princess Bride– See entry above, minus the rabbit, insert iocane powder.

The Matrix. (Specifically the first one) Never mind the jaw-dropping awesomeness that still looks good in CGI standards despite being made over a decade ago. Never mind the short, sweet and to the point storyline that never lets up on action. Never mind the genius Hugo Weaving brings to one of his most memorable villainous roles as the agent Mr. Anderson. No, the genius to my mind is the fact that this movie has Keanu Reeves and is still kick-butt awesome. The stone-still wide-eyed gaping look that defines his acting career works in this case. And that, my friends, is a true miracle.

The Bourne Trilogy- Matt Damon kicks butt in various locations around the globe, yes please!

There are many, many more. Feel free to list them in the comments if you feel I’ve forgotten a classic!


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  1. And movies to come include…..
    1. The Hunger Games
    2. The Hunger Games
    and 3. The Hunger Games right?

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