#19 On Chins and Chinning

Captain Obvious says: CHINS!

It started with my brother (who is referred to as brossif, a variant of broseph, on account of this video) who suddenly and inexplicably developed a heavy mush (man-crush to you) on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s chin.

The usual Gang was hanging out, (two cousins, two siblings and myself), and doing what we tended to do on most of our hangout times: watching Star Wars. We had gone through a few movies already and it was late into the night. Our usual chatter had died down considerably and we were sitting silently watching the movie when my brother, out of nowhere, muttered:

“That is one manly chin.”

And then proceeded to look around with the ‘did I just say that out loud?’ look on his face.

It was one of those moments that should have been funny for perhaps the rest of the night, maybe a few days after while we reminisced, and then evaporated, never to be heard of again.

But for some reason, it stuck around.

It made it to our extended family. It spread like wildfire through our friends. We had serious discussions of who had or didn’t have the manliest chin. It is solely responsible for the Page of Man Chins found on this blog.

‘Chinning’ started out as a practical joke, in which the goal was to simply spam a friend’s facebook wall with as many photos of random people’s chins as possible. This too, grew like a foot-fungus until it was no longer contained in our small Gang.

The Chins continued on, in work and legend, eventually culminating in an interactive work I titled, ‘The Book of Chins’ which I gifted to my best friend one Christmas.

One would think we would have run out of chin-related commentary by now.

But it’s still going strong.

And I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

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