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Notebook Rings (for June 1, 2010) [75/365]

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Yes, I know that it’s no longer February, (I fell behind with school work, sorry) but in the interest of rounding out Fav February to an even twenty, here is the last (but not least) of my favorite things: writing.

Really a no-brainer if you think about it.

If reading for fun started as a way to escape math, then writing for fun started as a way to escape advanced placement (AP) macroeconomics.

AP Macro was fantastically boring. Just reading the title made you want to snooze. Now, I’m not talking about the mind-numbingly brain-cell shriveling boring or even the vacantly-staring-off-into-space-while-drooling-and-all-the-knowledge-you-have-ever-learned-in-your-life-slowly-leaks-out-of-your-ears kind of boring, but rather the boring that was SO boring it actually fostered creativity in the class.

Just how creative the students got is a story for another time, but for me, this hour and a half was the start of something remarkable.

I had done creative writing off and on before, (writing an atrocious story in the 7th grade about some magical rocks and giant bloodthirsty cats, scattered poetry, and a few opinion pieces ect) but they all went the same way:

1) I got inspiration.

2) I wrote as fast as I could for a few days while the idea was still hot.

3) The inspiration gradually ran out and I stopped writing.

4) I stowed the story in one of my drawers out of frustration and forgot about it.

This time, however, things were different. I had an hour and a half on 2-3 days a week where I could either listen to the teacher talk about things like the effect of China’s GDP and unemployment on the organic cheese industry, OR I could return to a story I had written before, find out what was stopping me, and work around it.

When faced with such options, the choice was easy.

While my teacher droned on endlessly in the background, I wrote stories in the purple spiral notebook that was supposed to be filled with macro notes and drowned out my surroundings to focus on writing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984

Featured: an unruly barbarian

To this day, I still have many of the writing habits that I formed in that class. I now carry a spiral notebook and pen with me everywhere to jot things down whenever or wherever inspiration may come. I write out drafts in cursive longhand and almost always with a pen. I also write a pointless warning at the beginning of each journal in an attempt to scare unruly barbarians away from reading my personal thoughts.

Though unwittingly, AP Macroeconomics started me down the ‘write’ path that I am still tumbling down to this day.

Though I don’t remember a single thing about macroeconomics, the memories and habits certainly stayed with me.

So thank you, Most Boring Class, for so shaping my future.


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