Max 2 Review: School’s Out Forever

Oooo, a dramatic/spinnoff title, haven’t seen that before.

Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever

So last time, the Super Friends Team Max flew off into the sunset to dramatic words. And they got a dog named Total. Who can talk. (Just go with it).

After the life-changing experience of the last book, the Flock now does what any self-respecting runaway squad would do, er… run (or technically fly) away. But, (this being written by James Patterson), naturally the bad guys show up to keep the slow scenes to a minimum. One of the Flock members almost dies, a romantic subplot is thrown in out of nowhere, and the kids are taken in by (I think) a female FBI agent/Commissioner Gordon named Anne Walker. Oh and they’re trying to find their parents.

And thus kicks off the second book in the Maximum Ride series which continues the adventure most superbly. Plot-wise this book is very much like the first with lots of action, mysteriously suspenseful mysteries, and plenty ‘O random tangents. If you liked the first book there is an excellent chance that you’ll enjoy this one as well.

4 out of 5 stars.

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