Max 5 Review: Max (now that’s redundant)

MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel

Compared to the last book, this is genius writing.

But that’s compared to the last book.

The story starts out with excitement (as is the ploy to get people hooked before the lameness rears its ugly head), then we meet another generic bad guy: the EEEEVIL foreigner. Someone gets kidnapped, the flock goes to save them, doot doo doo– Wait, what is this? A PLOT?! Oh the scandalousness.

There’s some more wuv, twu wuuuuv, some trademark kicking butt-cheeks scenes, and, (despite my best attempts) some parts that actually managed to make me laugh.

Overall, not terrible.

But (and you knew this was coming).

What was terrible:

The end.

Oh nar, look I’m sure some corporate executive somewhere thought that adding  “from global warming” to the end of the original “Save the world” tagline was a good idea, but it just…makes the plot line so dang boring.

I realize that this is an issue that people feel strongly about, and perhaps the author really wants to help raise awareness for it. But come on. This is a series about mutant bird kids, a goofy, sarcastic, entertaining read, not a public service announcement. It’s almost the equivalent of someone trying to insert a ‘moral value’ as controversial as, say, their view on abortion into a cheesysappy romance with sparkling vampires in it…

Oh snap.

Ok, so maybe it’s not THAT bad.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with fictional books that have powerful underlying moral themes. But they have to make a sensible tie-in (1+1=2) and be handled well.

This series has done neither.

The aftertaste of the last book in the series, The Final Warning, may be souring my judgement, so I will admit that I at least enjoyed reading this one. It was written comprehensively, actually had a plot and, at parts, gave us a glimpse of the Max adventures of old.

My biggest problem?

It’s not the adventures of old, it’s not even close. You take the “A Maximum Ride Novel” endorsement off the front cover and it’s another average action teen novel, albeit an enjoyable one.

Unfortunately, I fear that my last review’s doomsday prediction may be coming true right in front of my eyes.


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