Max 7 Review: Angel

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Finally, people we are at the end! (Metaphorically speaking of course, due to the 8th and final book having not yet been published). Well, hold on to the champagne and confetti for a moment, ’cause we still have one book left to slog through and trust me, it’s a doozy.

Try, if you will, to think of everything you loved about the first three Maximum Ride books.

The strong-willed sassy leader.

The action-packed plot line.

The mystery.

The suspense.

Now rip all those pieces (the heart of the story) out, pack the leftover hole with styrofoam and bandage the wounds with silly action sequences.

You get the book Angel by (supposedly) James Patterson.

What it DOES do for you:

Performs a spectacular character assassination by replacing our smart-mouthed heroine with an angsty love-struck teary-eyed damsel.

Replaces the adrenaline pumping escapes, witty one-liners and compelling characters with cheesy romantic dialogue, senseless plot lines and… WAIT FOR IT….


And now, I officially feel like the mystery and suspense has become SO mysterious and SO suspenseful, that I have no idea what is going on anymore, nor do I care.

One more left book to slog through, because (thanks to books 1-3) I HAVE to finish the series, but I’ll borrow it from a friend or get it from the library.

I concede the battle, James Patterson.

I can’t spend money on this anymore.


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