NOT Post #50

So somewhere along the line of living my life (it’s a fishing line by the way), I realized a fantastic realization.

Particularly that the last post was #50 for Awkward to Awesome.

Now, this sounds like a semi-prestigious accomplishment until you realize that it’s only about three months worth of blogage. To put it simply: in blog years, my infant has just figured out how to open and close their fingers purposefully.

And I, (as any doting parent), am ever so proud of it.

Now, we all know the real reason for this entry: I, in my secret nighttime vigilante mode, have been so busy rescuing hapless citizens from the rampaging mechanical mole-dozer that is threatening the city, I just haven’t had a second to write anything recently for poor bloggy.

But rather than merely post a funny picture (as is my usual) I decided to follow a random tangent on the joy of even numbers in an effort to convince you that I actually spent a long time slaving over this.




Is it working?

I thought not.

Will you receive the same treatment when we reach post 100?

Most likely.

Have I run out of things to say on this topic and am now asking pointless questions for myself to answer?


Well in that case, time to fall back on funny pictures:

Yep, totally stole this from Cracked.

There are some who call me.... Tim?

And one more for the road:

The face you make when you think all the M&M's are gone but find one more hidden in the bottom folds of the wrapper.


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