Geek Quiz O’Awesome

So you constantly go around saying things like “Make it so!” or “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” So your skin complexion gives Casper a run for his money and you can easily destroy most puny mortals in any game remotely resembling trivia pursuit. So you’re fluent in three languages, none of them real. So you’re a geek. Or a nerd. Or some hybrid of the two.

But the REAL question is, can you pass this epic quiz?

Bonus points will be awarded for being able to name where the question is from. You can google every thing if you really want, (I can’t set my were-bear on you, since my hunting with were-bears license has been suspended as punishment for their unfortunate uncontrollable rampage after an accidental viewing of Batman and Robin), but it won’t really accomplish much. If you really need the self-esteem boost, though, go for it. Post answers in the comments, or just follow along at home. Good luck and big balls!

EXAMPLE: The line, “KHAAAAAN!” is uttered by whom?
a. Leonard Nimoy
b. William Shatner
c. George Takei
d. Patrick Stewart

Answer: B.
Bonus points– from the 1982 Star Trek film The Wrath of Khan.

All right, ready? No? Too bad:

1) Of all the characters in this movie, who was arguably the best despite their limited screen time?
a. Hugh Jackman before his transformation
b. Ryan Reynolds before his transformation
c. Hugh Jackman after his transformation
d. Ryan Reynolds after his transformation

2) “Blackbriar” is  ______
a. A thorny bush
b. The name of a ship in Star Wars that measures distance in parsecs
c. Sleeping Beauty’s name in the original Grimm’s fairytale
d. Not to be spoken of

3) “One does not simply _________”
a. Walk into Mordor
b. Rob the IMF headquarters
c. Backsass Darth Vader
d. Ride a Golf Cart into W00tstock

4) “No! No, no no, you have ________”
a. Eaten the pie!
b. Destroyed yourself!
c. Lost!
d. Destroyed it!

5) “Brings ______ to a gunfight.”
a. A whip
b. Clint Eastwood
c. A knife
d. Dragons

6) “African or European?”
a. African
b. European
c. I refuse to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me
d. I don’t know

7) Korra is______
a. A wildly popular children’s TV show
b. A 1920’s movie starring the first Native American lead actress in USA history
c. A type of seafood
d. A 9 year old fermented cheese that’s served as a delicacy in Japan

8) BaghneQ is ______ for ______.
a. Klingon, spoon
b. Elvish, golf
c. Newspeak, baggage claim
d. Na’vi, forest
Bonus bonus points if you can pronounce it properly.

9) The term ‘The Doctor’ refers to ______
a. House of the titular TV show
b. Bones of Star Trek
c. Doolittle
d. Who

10) Shaak Ti is a character from the ______ universe.
a. Star Trek
b. Star Wars
c. Harry Potter
d. Marvel

11) The biggest nerdom movie to come out in 2012 is _______
a. The Dark Knight Rises
b. The Hunger Games
c. The Hobbit
d. The Avengers

12) Who is Felicia Day?
a. That chick
b. The first female CEO of GE
c. Pioneer of the ‘cutscene’ in gaming
d. A geek deity

13) What is Baconcat?
a. A meme of a cat made out of bacon
b. A meme of a cat with bacon taped to it
c. A meme of bacon made out of a cat
d.  A meme of a cat encased in armor made out of bacon

14) Who are the Mythbusters?
a. James, Adam, Trevor, Garrett, Kari
b. Grant, Kari, Adam, Jamie, Tory, Jessie
c. Carrie, Jamie, Tori, Adam, Grant
d. Jamie, Tory, Kari, Adam, Grant, Buster

15) The most loathed piece of canon in the history of fandom is______
a. It doesn’t matter
b. You know it already
c. Nothing else comes close
d. The Star Wars Christmas Special

16) Define “con” in a geek context
a. A scam
b. A convention of various nerdy things
c. Slang for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
d. An album by a Swiss band

17) The original Sith are _____?
a. Beings who utilize the dark side of the force
b. Large predatory insects native to Kaol
c. An ancient civilization in Tibet
d. The technical term for gargoyles that adorn cathedrals

18) “Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia” – but only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go against a Sicilian when __________”
a. Fire’s involved
b. You laugh so hard, cheese comes out both nostrils
c. Death is on the line
d. Your healer is sick

19) Which was NOT a founding member of the Justice League?
a. Hawkman
b. Green Lantern
d. Aquaman

20) “I am ______”
a. Finished
b. Not amused
d. Wondering why the letters are out of order
c. Iron man

Thank you, thank you very much. Be sure to tune in next week when the answers will be posted!


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