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Redshirts and Cake

So John Scalzi has a new book coming out called Redshirts that I am seriously looking forward to, mainly because: 1) based on the five-chapter excerpt over at Tor it looks/sounds awesome, and 2) I am a huge fan of trope deconstruction and humor, two things this book looks like it’s going to have in abundance. Even better, today I found out that Jonathan Coulton came up with a song for the book, entitled, (naturally), “Redshirt.”

Long story short, if you’ve ever seen any Star Trek episodes at all, this song is hilarious. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “redshirt,” have a look-see here first, and then come back so it can be hilarious to you too.

As a bonus, this song is by the same mad genius behind the “Still Alive” Portal credits song. Which makes him triple-awesome and deserving of…well…


Photo from GeekDad.


I.C.’s Big List O’Movies: 2012

Men In Black III came out today and seeing as I had to visibly restrain myself from rushing to see it (I’ve already spent waaaay too much at the movies this year), I decided to make a list of ten movies coming out in 2012 that have caught my attention thus far. I shall then proceed to prioritize them by potential awesomeness.

It should look a little something like this:
Movie release date
Movie Title
–Why it could be awesome
PIF (Potential Interest Factor)

Ready? Well alright then.

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How the Hunger Games Should Have Ended

I in no way own this, just sharing the love.

From the fabulous You should watch all of their videos, there’s some serious awesome going on there.

Also: Camo-camo-camouflage.

Smells Like Birthday to Me

So my friend was having a birthday. Of course we got, like, totally smashed AND high AND, like, totally totaled that dude’s house, LOL!

Just kidding. We went to a nickel arcade. Like bosses.

It should go without saying (but of course I’ll say it anyway) that we’re well past the age of nickel-arcading without getting at least a few strange looks from employees and/or parents of the screaming children that frequent these establishments. The screaming children actually didn’t give us any strange looks. Mostly because they were too busy shoving their parents’ hard-earned loose change into machines so their pixilated dots could shoot pixilated dots at other pixilated dots, all the while screaming like banshees (the kids, not the pixilated dots). It was still better than a Chuck E. Cheese though, as the hellions there screech more like a Nazgul Fell-Beast than banshees, (and smell more like moist socks), and while banshee shrieks are pretty terrible, Fell-beast shrieks have been known to drive people mad.

Pictured: A small child who has run out of nickels preparing to shriek parents into submission for more.

When confronting such a child, the proper response is, of course:

We instead chose to ignore the warning signs and stride forward into the thick of battle with naught but the clothes on our back and a bit of  Lembas bread to tide us over.

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The Great Optical Illusion

It’s when you see something over and over again, but don’t recognize it until someone specifically points it out to you. An optical illusion picture, where you only see one thing for the longest time, but once you realize that it’s two pictures inside of one, you can’t ever NOT see the second one. Like this for example:

Can you see it?

An old lady facing left, or a young lady facing right? It’s both of course, but if you only see one, it can be very hard to see the other. You have to make an effort to see the second, because your mind loves the comfort and joy of recognizing something familiar and automatically jumps back to it. But when you see them both, you suddenly become aware that this face-value picture has more than one side.

The same thing can happen in real life.

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What My Mother Got From Me Today:

Front of card:

Ursus americanus English: A black bear standing

Picture it with yellow flowers…

Inscription inside card: My day is always brighter… When I think of you!

My message:  Also, when bears are involved. Because bears rock, (much like you).

I was thinking of what to get you for Mother’s day, and thought that cotton balls were kind of lame, so I got you this STARBUCKS CARD instead.

I hope you like drinking special coffee purchased with love as much as I like bears, because that would be pretty sweet.

So what I’m trying to say is HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Because, you know, you’re a mother, and today is a day, and it is happy, so what’s not to love?

But seriously. You’re awesome. Like Iron Man.

(Which, by the way, is one of the highest complements I can give)

Love, I.C.


And to all you who have birthed out at least one squishy gremlin over the course of your life: Happy Mother’s Day. May a delightful rain of pretty flowers and a flood of tasty chocolates accumulate in your lap over the course of today!
And to the rest of you: go do something awesome for your mothers. That’s an order!

My Thoughts Exactly

From, (naturally) yesterday’s Pearls Before Swine comic by Stephan Pastis.

Answers to All Your Questions (or, at the very least, the geek quiz)

If you have no idea what is going on here, please take the Geek Quiz O’Awesome and then come back. Answers after jump.

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Yeah, I got nothing, sorry

Here’s some ham.