Answers to All Your Questions (or, at the very least, the geek quiz)

If you have no idea what is going on here, please take the Geek Quiz O’Awesome and then come back. Answers after jump.

1) Of all the characters in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, who was arguably the best despite their limited screen time?
Answer: B. Ryan Reynolds before his transformation
Bonus: Before his character became what I shall refer to as ‘frankenstein meets potato peeler’ Reynolds had some of the funniest, snarkiest lines, making him a remarkable standout in an otherwise flat movie.

2) “Blackbriar” is_____
Answer: D. Not to be spoken of
Bonus: From Bourne Ultimatum

3) “One does not simply _____”
Answer: A. Walk into Mordor
Bonus: From Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

4) “No! No, no no, you have _____”
Answer: C. Lost
Bonus: Spoken by the Emperor in Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith, shortly before electrocuting Samuel L. Jackson. And throwing him out a window. And hoping he died after both of those things, because it’s Samuel L. Jackson.

5) “Brings ______ to a gunfight.”
Answer: A knife
Bonus: While not technically a ‘geek’ movie, (but still boss), bonus points for being able to place this quote from The Untouchables

6) “African or European?”
Answer: D. I don’t know
Bonus: Blue! I mean Aaahhh Monty Python, of cou–

7) Korra is ______
Answer: A. A wildly popular children’s TV show.
Bonus: If you went to the midnight premier of The Last Airbender movie, and dressed up, and cried over its awfulness.

8) BaghneQ is _____ for _____.
Answer: A. Klingon, spoon.
Bonus: Star Trek. +50 points if you speak Klingon, Elvish or Na’vi.

9) The term “The Doctor’ refers to _____
Answer: D. Who
Bonus: Umm… Dr. Who?

10) Shaak Ti is a character from the ______ universe.
Answer: B. Star Wars
Bonus: If you got this question correct without guessing randomly, you’re one of the largest Star Wars nerds in the galaxy. Congratulations, it’s wonderful to find another!

The biggest nerdom movie to come out in 2012 is _____
Answer: E. All of the above.
Bonus: Come on, I’m not going to chose between The AvengersThe Dark Knight Rises, AND The Hobbit!

12) Who is Felicia Day?
Answer: D. A geek deity.
Bonus: Half-points for saying ‘that chick’… from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

13) What is Baconcat?
Answer: B. A meme of a cat with bacon taped to it.
Bonus: For knowing that the original photo came from Sci-fi author and raging-hippopotamous awesome sauce, John Scalzi.

14) Who are the Mythbusters?
Answer: D. Jamie, Tory, Kari, Adam, Grant, Buster
Bonus: If you knew that Jessie was a ‘mythtern’ but Buster was the true member of the squad.

15) The most loathed piece of canon in the history of fandom is ______
Answer: D. The Star Wars Christmas Special
Bonus: If you have actually seen the Star Wars Christmas Special all the way through, give yourself 100 points.

16) Define “con” in a geek context
Answer: B. A convention of various nerdy things
Bonus: For every con you have attended, give yourself 5 points.

17) The original Sith are _____?
Answer: B Large predatory insects native to Kaol
Bonus: More people are likely to know about this now that the movie John Carter has come out,  but the Barsoom series is the original creator of many of the Sci-fi tropes we are familiar with today.

18) “Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders– the most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia”–but only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go against a Sicilian when ______”
Answer: C. Death is on the line
Bonus: Aaaaas yooooou wiiiiish! *cough* I mean, Princess Bride, dear.

19) Which is NOT a founding member of the Justice League?
Answer: A. Hawkman
Bonus: Name all the original Justice League members as well as the most recent incarnations.

20) “I am _____”
Answer: C. Iron Man
Bonus: If you dressed up like him for the midnight premier of The Avengers

Points scale:
0-5 Pitiful Chlorbag
5-20 Sadness
20–45 Average
45-60 Slushy
60-100 Geek-tastic
100+ You’ve either visited a kabob-load of conventions, or have seen the Star Wars Christmas Special. Either way, I commend you for being willing to die for your geek.

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