Redshirts and Cake

So John Scalzi has a new book coming out called Redshirts that I am seriously looking forward to, mainly because: 1) based on the five-chapter excerpt over at Tor it looks/sounds awesome, and 2) I am a huge fan of trope deconstruction and humor, two things this book looks like it’s going to have in abundance. Even better, today I found out that Jonathan Coulton came up with a song for the book, entitled, (naturally), “Redshirt.”

Long story short, if you’ve ever seen any Star Trek episodes at all, this song is hilarious. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “redshirt,” have a look-see here first, and then come back so it can be hilarious to you too.

As a bonus, this song is by the same mad genius behind the “Still Alive” Portal credits song. Which makes him triple-awesome and deserving of…well…


Photo from GeekDad.

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