Helping Out at a Conference for Several Days

The headline says it all. I’m helping out at the East Hill Conference (the first one ev-ah), so expect a slight gap in postage for the next 3-5 days.

In other news, if you’re in the Gresham Oregon area this week, between 12 and 24, and want to hang out for 3 days, (Thursday-Saturday) come on by. It is $45, but totally worth it. If you’re interested, there’s more info here.

Also you might run into me in my non-masked, non-super, everyday appearance. (Unless a giant badger-mole attacks the conference, in which case I would have to save the day). You probably won’t recognize me, but you’ll know I’m there, which is pretty cool, right? Also, I heard that there will definitely be one other superhero there this weekend as well. Awesome!

So yeah, you should come.

In other news, I got Message Bear to keep an eye on the site this week. Please, try not to provoke him, as he has a bad habit of eating things he doesn’t like. Here is a picture:

And now I’ll turn it over to him:

mASSSEGGE Beeeer NO TYpei go88od. Masisege abear proouad TOOOO BE CHUosen tooo watatch siiit3 4 I.C. THHASNKSZX YOOUUUSEE ALELLL 4 ZEeee oppwoertuionity. XOooxoxoxox RAAAAAAARRWWWW!


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