If You Go to Conference, Your Mind is Gonna Blow…

Yep, pretty much.

So conference was exhausting. And awesome. So it all worked out.

The best part was probably a jury rigged fan+pump+60 gallon barrel filled with dish soap and water+fabric mesh bag that turned into a GIANT FOAM DISPENSER.

Like a hand sanitizer FOR THE WORLD!


I got buried in foam and then ran around like a maniac. And then played dodgeball. And also attempted to do my math homework in a tree. And then I ate a bunch of food. And then stacked chairs and vacuumed and played volleyball and ate food and built a ton of Ikea chairs & tables and made a bunch of expresso drinks and took some naps in ridiculously uncomfortable positions and stacked some more chairs before eating the rest of the food.

Then I swam, helped the team devour two entire cakes, and stayed up ’till the wee hours of the morning discussing the virtues of Mamping (Man-camping) with friends.

And that’s why I didn’t get my math homework done, Mr. Ferguson.

Also, a shout-out to the awesome Message Bear, (RAAAAAWR!) who kept everything in line this week while I was away. Thanks!

Besides that, the more awesomeness has finally wound down, and now I’m back to post posts in a post-like manner…?

Hopefully, anyway.

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