Fantastic-ness Abounds

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your eyes have not deceived you; The Great John Scalzi has seen fit to comment on this humble site! (Using a TV-tropes-esque style comment that is totally true for him no less, making him that much more awesome).

I must celebrate by harnessing a feral unicorn-pegasus-kitten and shooting a phaser off of its rearing form whilst against a backdrop of confetti and fiery explosions. While Morgan Freeman narrates, because hey, Morgan Freeman.

I leave now to do this.

(But a sincere thanks to the splendidly superb, super shiny, silly salivating shoehorn (all right, at this point I may be just running out of ‘S’ descriptors) spontaneously spectacular, sarcastic and scintillating Scalzi for making this blogger’s week. May your ukulele strings never tire!)


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