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Is It Getting Old Yet?

I know, I know, one can never tire of awkward Kirk photos. It was a rhetorical question.


On Fear

I’m not afraid of heights, or spiders. Insects or mice or pain. Not even dying.

No tightly enclosed spaces, pitch-black caves or sharp-toothed monsters.

I am strange.

But I do fear.

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I Swear I’m Going to Get Around to Writing an Actual Post One of These Days

…Just not today. Sorry.



Lame Posts, Dude

I know. Here’s another one to cheer you up.

More Words = Alpaca Rewards

7000 Words=Celebratory Awkward Kirk Photo

65,000 Words, 50 Days

So I’m attempting to write a novel in a month and a half.

Yeah, I know.

Suffice to say, expect the posts to be a little thin this month and the next, while I’m working on things and stuff. Yeah.


How ’bout if I make it up to you by posting awkward pictures of James T. Kirk for the next month or so?


That’s what I thought.