I. Colina vs Wil Wheaton

If you don’t know who Wil Wheaton is, see here, here and most certainly here, also probably this and this. Then come back.

Me: Sees Wheaton doing something awesome at a random location and skips over merrily to converse. I’ll have you know, I printed the mini Wil Wheaton paper doll as soon as I found out about it on Hijinks Ensue and then cut it out and made clothes for it!

WW: Not gonna lie, that’s really really really really really really creepy.

Me: I hand-knitted this miniature hideous clown-sweater with toothpicks so it would fit on mini paper-you. Also, I once watched an entire episode of Leverage even though that show’s kind of lame just because you were in it.

WW: Well, that is the natural response of most people. The watching a show because I’m in it part, not the knitting a miniature hideous clown-sweater part.

Me: Sweet, will you sign my game of Settlers of Catan?

WW: Sure. Signs.

Me: No, not just the box, all of it.

WW: ?

Me: Every. Piece.

WW: Laughs nervously and wonders if this is the nut John Scalzi warned him about.

Me: Or I will kill you.

WW: Holy mother of Cthulhu, somebody big and burly get me out of here!

 Me: Gets tased.

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