Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Post 100!

According to some sort of experts, those directly involved in 100th anniversary celebrations are supposed to receive a 10K diamond in light of their accomplishments, sparkling personalities, and general awesomeness.

Yeah, so maybe I’m not holding out hope for that one, but, (at the very least), we can celebrate with random/awkward/geeky photos!

Now, I know what you’re saying, “Haven’t there been a TON of random/awkward/geeky photos lately? I mean, that was pretty much all the content on the blog last month…’ and you would be correct. But post 100 only comes around once, (per blog that is stop that logical nonsense right now), and we’ve got to celebrate!

…With some celebratory nachos of course!


OK, I had some nachos, and now I feel bad, like this post needs more words & sundry, so…

Bloggy’s been running for a little over eight months and is still going strong. (I may even put up an actual customized header one of these days). I hath many plans for the future, possibly involving: a sub-page just for songs of the week, a continuous fictional monthly story about a psychotic TV producer and her TV show, and a potentially tedious running joke about cheese on fire. Because, hey, cheese on fire! Also, I gained access to The Ultimate Brant V.I.P. Club and got my card:

And here is a baby llama:

Aaaaand yeah. Post 100 everybody! Now with bonus llama. Bam.