Meet the Sheep

A few of you may have noticed the replacement of the default Mystique background with something different, namely Ninja Sheep. The four sheep in question are members of the Dead Unicorn Squad Team, or D.U.S.T., an organization that saves the world all the time. But they get paid really crappily for it, since their organization is so secret, not even the people in charge of the budget know about it. DUST decided to do some freelancing on the side to help pay for their cool gadgets, and I needed an awesome header, which lead to what you would call a win-win, (with possibly a third ‘win’ thrown in because they’re ninjas).

Much thanks to Kris, who drew an artist’s rendering of the whole team, AND to the members for allowing me to show their faces. (Fact: it took an hour of hard eye-watering staring just for Kris to see their outlines. They were that ninja).

The ninja-sheep have agreed to stick around for a while in exchange for pizza and whimsy, both of which I have in abundance. Although their main job will be to beat back the swarming masses that try to mob me every time I go to a Walmart on Black Friday, they will also be in charge of security on the site, AKA: ninja-ing the pretzel sticks out of morons.

So you’re not totally lost if they track you down and grow bamboo through your chest for attempting to impede the site, (pretzel-eating trolls be warned), I’ve put together a short introduction to each member:

Burns, the conniving, straight-laced, and no-nonsense leader:

The scar on his left cheek came from Chuck Norris.

Harrison, the sniper/spy/safecracking expert who specializes in killing from a distance:

Lover of Thai food and crappy movies.

McNary, the weapons/explosives expert, who also considers himself an expert with the ladies:

The sword is not 100% LucasArt approved.

It’s the headband.

And lastly, Keith Logins Jr., the inventor/techie/coffee gopher:

He uses five types of shampoo on that hair.

Enjoys spirited chess matches and long walks in grassy fields.

Together, they are ninjas, they are sheep, they save the world and they eat a lot of Top Ramen. And now they have an advertising deal with Awkward to Awesome as our official new masco-I mean deadly assassins.

So a loud round of applause for DUST!

That wasn’t as dramatic as I was hoping it would be. Oh well.


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