Year of the Archer

I’m not the first to point this out, and sure as nar won’t be the last, we’ve got A LOT of sweet archers lined up for cinema this year. We started off the blockbuster movie year with, (all together now): The Hunger Games.

If you’ve been living in the mountains surviving off of roots and bear meat for the last few years, The Hunger Games follows a young teen named Katniss Everdeen as she uses her smarts and archery skills to survive “The Hunger Games” (no way), an annual game in which the contestants (all children) fight to the death until only one remains. Jennifer Lawrence fulfilled her role perfectly and the 155 million opening weekend ensures that we’re going to be seeing more of this sharpshooter soon.

Our second archer of the year goes to Hawkeye of “The Avengers.” Thankfully leaving behind the purple spandex of his comic counterpart, Jeremy Renner surprised many in his role as the cooler-than-ice arrow slinging Avenger. An earlier role in “Mission Impossible 4” has already cemented his BA status, and his upcoming role as a new assassin in the Bourne universe is sure to continue the trend.

Last but certainly not least, we have Merida, our protagonist from Pixar’s newest movie, “Brave.”

A princess who goes out of her way to change her own fate meets up with a handsome prince who shows her that all she really needed was some luuuuuve to turn her life around–

Oh, wait. That wasn’t the plot at all.

Nope, Merida shoots arrows, solves mysteries, saves the kingdom, and takes on an ancient curse all without so much as a single boyfriend.

All future screenwriters out there take note–this movie is an instruction manual on how to properly write a strong female protagonist.

Unfortunately, no matter how sweet these archers may be, nor how giant a pile of cash they may accumulate, the fact still remains…

Legolas owns all.

+5 immaculate hygiene

UPDATE 10/17/2012- I forgot to mention Arrow, (a TV show based on the DC character, Green Arrow), which, I suppose,  is some sort of DC psuedo-answer to The Avengers. My guess is that its job is to hold the crowd in place while company executives at DC scramble to push out the inevitable moldy bacon driblets that will eventually combine to make a Justice League movie. Arrow happens to shoot, well arrows, so he counts as yet another archer who is, (in hipster-speak), “going mainstream.”


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