Onward and Upward (or Diagonally)

Midterms are done! Onward to…NANOWRIMO.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The month in question is November, and the novel in question is yours. You sign up on the NaNo website and prepare yourself for thirty days of furious typing. To win, you must type at least 50,000 words of your never-before-seen novel. You are allowed to do outlines/character charts/preparation ahead of time, but cannot write a single word of the novel until 12:01am on November 1st.

I did NaNo last year and had a blast, (and ended up winning). The novel I wrote was nose-hair-curlingly awful, but honestly that was part of the fun. After I finished, I cut off my novel’s head and buried it deep, hoping that it wouldn’t come back to haunt me as a zombie. This year, though, I made a deal with my roommate: if they get halfway, (25,000 words), they get to read my awful work at the end and their nose hairs will pay the price. No pressure.

As of writing this post, NaNo starts in eight days. I expect it will take up a lot of my time not already occupied by school and work, so here’s a warning: posts for November will be scarce.

“But, I.C.!” I hear you saying, “didn’t you already do something like this in August that left us with nothing but a slew of awkward Kirk photos?” The answer to that is, yes, yes I did. But to make sure you don’t feel left out during November, I shall be posting word counts again but this time with: (drumroll, please…)

Same facial expression Spock photos!

I know. You can stop crying tears of gratitude now, really.

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  1. I just finished midterms as well and am so excited about doing nanowrimo for the first time!! Happy Writing:)

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