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ONE Christmas Song For You All

(But it is my favorite.)


The Hawkeye Initiative

Which is, and I quote:

A blog with Clint “Hawkeye” Barton being placed in the same provocative female poses that are featured in superhero comics. ex: To draw attention to how deformed, hypersexualized, and unrealistically dressed women are drawn in comics.

For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a few of the best below. (WARNING–psychological scarring abounds in these here lands. You have been warned.)

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Off to a Fancy Occasion

In which I:

A) Try to avoid spilling foodstuffs on my fancy clothes and

B) Try to avoid doing a cartwheel in said fancy clothes.

Both of which I failed at my last formal event, my cousin’s wedding.

Suffice to say this evening shall be interesting.

My Nomination for Comedy Movie of the Year

So I was kind of bummed a couple of weeks back when the stress of finals was full force. So naturally, Kris, who knows exactly how to cheer me up in such situations, suggested we go see a hilarious comedy movie. I agreed.

No, it wasn’t Lincoln, come on guys, I’m not that bad. . . am I?

So we got to the theater and Kris said, “two tickets to

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How to Draw Santy Claus

Here is an excellent tutorial that greatly aided my artistic dreams:

From here

Eight Days Left!

It’s time once again for my yearly Lord of the Rings Marathon, so here are some fun fact to keep you busy:

  • Every single character wears a wig, apart from Billy Jackson (Peter’s son) in Fellowship, who had “perfect hobbit hair”.
  • Lord Of The Rings is the sixth-highest grossing franchise ever, behind Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek. Credit (Of course, with three Hobbit movies now coming out, the franchise has the chance to overtake several of these).
  • During the filming for “Lord of the Rings,” Orlando Bloom fell off his horse and broke one of his ribs. Co-star Viggo Mortensen got a little too much into character as well. He broke a tooth while filming a fight sequence for “The Two Towers” and broke two toes in a scene where he kicks a helmet.
  • Since molten metal is hard to fake, the goblin forges of Orthanc were built in a real foundry and filled with real molten metal. Those are foundry workers dressed as goblins.
  • In the Two Towers’ Scene Where Viggo Mortensen kicks the helmet by the pyre, Mortensen’s scream was genuine as he broke two toes when he kicked it.
  • Bill the Pony is played, in some shots, by two people in a (very good quality) pantomime-style horse costume.
  • In the movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” as Harry enters Dumbledore’s study, a portrait of Gandalf the Grey is included in the collection of paintings. (It is above the doorframe.)
  • Gimli’s beard was made of yak belly hair. Also, John (Gimli), is actually the tallest of the Fellowship actors. He also voices the tallest character in the movie, Treebeard.
  • The actors who played the Riders of Rohan may surprise you. “Ideally, we wanted guys who were six feet tall with long hair and long beards to ride the horses,” says Steve Old, head the Horse Department. “On New Zealand’s South Island, though, it’s mostly females who ride horses. In the end, we probably had five guys and the remaining 250 or so riders were women dressed as men! And the average age of the women was about 50.” The women also played the Ringwraith riders.
  • Number Tolkien chapter titles referenced in the dialogue — 18
    Number of times Frodo falls down — 34
    Number of times Sam eavesdrops — 7
    Number of times Aragorn tosses somebody — 3
    Number of times we see food — 36
    Number of times they play the old “he’s dead! No wait, he isn’t” trick — 15
    Number of times a hobbit says, “What are you doing?” — 7
    Characters accused of being late– 4
    Number of times a character sings — 10
  • Instant potato flakes were used for Grima Wormtongue’s dandruff.
  • Christopher Lee is the only cast member who met Tolkien in person.
  • Some effects shots for the Special Edition were finished after the film won the Oscar.

And, finally:

  • Nicolas Cage was originally offered the part of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.  Cage stated in an interview that he turned down the offer due to the around three year time commitment.

Credits to hereherehere, here

Veela le!

Something to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

A video so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. From the Nostalgia Critic:

Also, my heart goes out to all of you poor souls who have ever seen the Star Wars Holiday Special. You are not alone. 

The Time Lady Returns

Whew! *wipes back of hand across forehead* I’m baa-ack, and I didn’t even have to rip a hole in the universe to do it this time.

Tons’O things be happening ’round here parts lately and, (irritating-pseudo-western-speak aside), here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Going to School–I mean duh. Homework never tires, especially when you’re trying to cram three years of schooling into two.
  • Becoming a Radio DJ–As of now, I have completed my training for the on-campus radio station and been assigned a show slot for winter term which begins sometime in January. I don’t have the exact times yet, but as of right now, the N.A.R. (No Apparent Reason) show is tentatively scheduled for Thursday mornings and will hopefully feature video game and movie soundtracks as well as lots and lots of Jonathan Coulton.
  • Work–Good old-fashioned paying the bills. There’s nothing quite like it.
  • Water Polo–Practices have taken over most of my nights; trying to get back into the swing of things and have fun and stay in shape may be time-consuming, but it’s totally worth it.
  • (Attempting) Writing a Novel in a Month–This one, unfortunately, I ended up failing miserably. I got to a pathetic 15,000 words on the first piece I was working on, before surrendering and hammering out 10,000 words on a completely separate project. The resulting slush ended up being closer to two halves of two different novels more than anything else, but it’s still a good platform to resume building on when things calm down.
  • Actually Hanging Out With Real Human Beings Once in a WhileCrazy, right?

Blog posts got pushed to the bottom of this rather lengthy list of things to do and, as is to be expected, declined majorly in quality. I still feel bad that some days I couldn’t even be bothered to spend ten seconds googling a Spock photo and coming up with a headline for it, so apologies all around.

To make it up to you, this December I’ll be on the hunt for amazing things to post and/or write about. So brace yourselves. . .

I can’t–




Winter is coming.

Dang nab it.