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Ugg, So I Should Probably Post Something

You know sometimes you just feel like you  couldn’t possibly do anything at the moment because it would take too much effort? For some reason I’ve been feeling like that for the past two weeks. It’s not that I don’t want to do anything–quite to the contrary, I’ve been incredibly busy with school/work/polo/radio/general living, it’s just that after I finish everything, I feel like I have nothing left and just want to sleep.

I usually would blame this on stress, or being overwhelming, or not sleeping well, but I’ve been in waaay crazier situations before and have rarely experienced this…disinterest for so long. Hopefully it’s just a season.

I also definitely have a problem with posting stupid crap like this instead of Incredibly Interesting and Sometimes Witty posts. Mainly because I enjoy having IIASW posts (not to mention they’re easier to write), but also because I feel like I should produce my best work all the time, not just in sparse 30-second intervals in the middle of a once every fifth-odd Tuesday night when I have an exam the next morning like it usually works.

I can’t turn this crap on and off like a spigot, regardless of how much I wish otherwise.

Regardless of hard I try.

I think I may have wandered dangerously into Zuko-angst territory with this post, so please allow me to clarify: I’m doing my best NOT to whine about this (and probably failing) and try to move past it. I’m just frustrated that it’s taking so long.

And in lieu of *insert incredibly witty thing here* I guess I’ll fall back on and example of what you’re probably picturing me doing right now:



Just remember, when I take over the world, this post will be held up as one of the shining examples of how I easily was able to manipulate your human emotions to sympathize and side with me.

Just kidding.

Of course.


This is Pretty Awesome

God is Not Christian. A truly fascinating recount of a conversation between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu on God and religion. Enjoy

In completely unrelated news, I got the complete soundtrack of the Fellowship of the Ring for Christmas and now writing essays feels akin to slaying orcs.

YouTube Just Became That Much Cooler

Thanks to this article on, my mind has been blown. Holy smokes, guys! If you go to any video on YouTube, pause the video and hold down the left arrow key and press the up key at the same time, you get to play Snake right there on the screen. How have I not known about this? How have none of you told me this before? How many questions can I ask myself before returning to YouTube and playing again? What sound does a doggie make?

A Short Story For You

It’s been a while since I’ve updated and I apologize as that wasn’t my intention. I’ve since started school again (plus radio plus polo plus work) and juggling everything the first week has gotten crazy. I know, excuses excuses. So, because I haven’t written in a week, I decided to upload a short story for you all as a gift for being so patient. (Please be forewarned that this is not in my usual zany ridiculous style). So here you go:

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One Year Anniversary (Was Yesterday)

I made it! One whole year of fun facts, ferocious food, and “fan”tastic fans. I’d like to thank the Academy, (in this case Dante’s Effervescent Veryawesome Institute of Learning), my parents, and the breadstick I ate for lunch for inspiring me throughout the year.

To the Batmobile Stats&Stuff:

My favorite post was Awkwardness Regarding Crotches (not dirty, I swear).

The most viewed post was Smells Like Birthday to Me.

There were a lot of random pictures (when life caught up with me), which I am going to try to tone down a little this year. There won’t necessarily be more posts, I’ll just do my best to post ONLY when I feel I have something to say, so as to not waste your time. There were a lot of times this year when I felt like I had to post something or else all the sparkly reader-fairies would flit away to a shinier blog and never come back. Of course, the occasional hilarious photo/overused meme will present itself in a fashion that I won’t be able to say no to, so it won’t go away completely.

Speaking of posts, I got in 134 this year, not bad, but a number to try and improve upon in the coming days.

Apparently the search terms most likely used by viewers to find my site were: neck beardshelobthe difference a comma makesspock, and nazgul. I am immensely proud of this.

And I was visited by over 70 countries this year. What?

Finally, a shout-out to Star, Magical Armpit, #1 FAN, and applejacks for being commenters of Legend.

I look forward to another fantabulous year with y’all.

Happy New Year 2013!

What an original headline.

My resolution this year: to write a book. (wait for it) that I actually deem good enough to share with other people, (and perhaps all of you).

It’s harder than it sounds. I have several finished projects hidden away on my laptop, Jarvis but the catch is every time I go back to read them, I cry a little because of the pervading awfulness. This makes perfect sense when you know that I have an abundance of two things which happen to be main base components of Awfulness Stew: a young voice and inexperience.

So: Finish the project. Rework the project. Share the project.

That’s my resolution, what’s yours?