Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

One Year Anniversary (Was Yesterday)

I made it! One whole year of fun facts, ferocious food, and “fan”tastic fans. I’d like to thank the Academy, (in this case Dante’s Effervescent Veryawesome Institute of Learning), my parents, and the breadstick I ate for lunch for inspiring me throughout the year.

To the Batmobile Stats&Stuff:

My favorite post was Awkwardness Regarding Crotches (not dirty, I swear).

The most viewed post was Smells Like Birthday to Me.

There were a lot of random pictures (when life caught up with me), which I am going to try to tone down a little this year. There won’t necessarily be more posts, I’ll just do my best to post ONLY when I feel I have something to say, so as to not waste your time. There were a lot of times this year when I felt like I had to post something or else all the sparkly reader-fairies would flit away to a shinier blog and never come back. Of course, the occasional hilarious photo/overused meme will present itself in a fashion that I won’t be able to say no to, so it won’t go away completely.

Speaking of posts, I got in 134 this year, not bad, but a number to try and improve upon in the coming days.

Apparently the search terms most likely used by viewers to find my site were: neck beardshelobthe difference a comma makesspock, and nazgul. I am immensely proud of this.

And I was visited by over 70 countries this year. What?

Finally, a shout-out to Star, Magical Armpit, #1 FAN, and applejacks for being commenters of Legend.

I look forward to another fantabulous year with y’all.