Ugg, So I Should Probably Post Something

You know sometimes you just feel like you  couldn’t possibly do anything at the moment because it would take too much effort? For some reason I’ve been feeling like that for the past two weeks. It’s not that I don’t want to do anything–quite to the contrary, I’ve been incredibly busy with school/work/polo/radio/general living, it’s just that after I finish everything, I feel like I have nothing left and just want to sleep.

I usually would blame this on stress, or being overwhelming, or not sleeping well, but I’ve been in waaay crazier situations before and have rarely experienced this…disinterest for so long. Hopefully it’s just a season.

I also definitely have a problem with posting stupid crap like this instead of Incredibly Interesting and Sometimes Witty posts. Mainly because I enjoy having IIASW posts (not to mention they’re easier to write), but also because I feel like I should produce my best work all the time, not just in sparse 30-second intervals in the middle of a once every fifth-odd Tuesday night when I have an exam the next morning like it usually works.

I can’t turn this crap on and off like a spigot, regardless of how much I wish otherwise.

Regardless of hard I try.

I think I may have wandered dangerously into Zuko-angst territory with this post, so please allow me to clarify: I’m doing my best NOT to whine about this (and probably failing) and try to move past it. I’m just frustrated that it’s taking so long.

And in lieu of *insert incredibly witty thing here* I guess I’ll fall back on and example of what you’re probably picturing me doing right now:



Just remember, when I take over the world, this post will be held up as one of the shining examples of how I easily was able to manipulate your human emotions to sympathize and side with me.

Just kidding.

Of course.

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