So I’ve Been Putting in Sixteen-Hour Days this Week

And my mind’s like:

Don’t you just hate it when you get your face melted off and you’re making a plastic one and you’re like ‘why does an immortal god-like being need to spend so much time making a plastic face?’ and then you remember you picked up shapeshifting in the last dimension and you’re like ‘duh’ and you shapeshift yourself a new face?


There is EVIL in Devil. o_o  0_0  O_O


The nipples don’t make the character.


Cheesecake is to cheese like the spongecake is to sponges.


I’m pretty sure if the Inception team attempted to break into my mind, they would slowly perish in a series of increasingly ridiculous Indiana Jones-style deathtraps. My projections of subconscious security–Jason Bourne, Shaak Ti, Treebeard. They don’t stand a chance.


A wizarding spoon, not as elegant as a wand, you might say, but it does hold a great deal more soup.

And of course

There are few things scarier in life than ‘white fabric drapery’.

I should probably go to bed.


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