Daily Archives: March 6, 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion Time

So er, being perhaps a stereotypical introvert, I really hate shameless self-promotion, but I’m posting this because I feel like it’s something you guys might actually like.

I have a radio show on my college’s station (Oregon State University’s 88.7 FM KBVR) something I volunteer to do because it’s crazy fun. I play video game and movie soundtracks and other random music (Like the Shia Labeouf cannibal song or a bunch of Parry Gripp). A typical playlist looks like this:

“Breakfast Burrito” Parry Gripp

“The Avengers” Alan Silvestri

Portal 2 End Credits Song “Want You Gone” Jonathan Coulton

“Zelda Medley” Lindsey Stirling

“Flying Suite” John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon)

“Re: Your Brains” Jonathan Coulton

“James Bond” Essential Movie Thenes

“Mystic Cave Zone” Masato Nakamura (Sonic 1-player)

“Game of Thrones Cover” Jason Yang, Roger Lima

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (Gregorian Chant) Gregorian

“Zombie Me” No More Kings

“The Raiders March” John Williams (Indiana Jones Theme)

“Safe & Sound” The Civil Wars/Taylor Swift (Hunger Games)

“Ghostbusters” Ray Parker Jr.

Basically this is the reason for song of the week going AWOL, since nearly all of my favorite songs transferred over to what I named the N.A.R. Show. The N.A.R. show is Thursdays from 10:10 to 11:00am. Link here if you want to listen live. Facebook page here if you enjoy it enough to ‘like’ or want to suggest a song or just want to get some of the playlists.


I. C.