Holy Nuggets, Check Out This Commercial

If you can, please watch this brief commercial for Galaxy (known as Dove in the U.S.) first:


For those of you not in the know, that commercial which was released this year features Audrey Hepburn–an actress who died twenty years ago.


A photograph of the actual actress.

That commercial was not filmed before she died, but rather stars a completely CGI version of the actress. Go watch it again, I’ll wait.

CGI version.

CGI version. ^

Hepburn’s family gave permission for the commercial to star the likeness of the actress, with her sons stating that, “our mother often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit, so we’re sure she would have been proud of her role as the face of Galaxy.”

I think it’s safe to say this officially blew my mind. Not to mention all the interesting questions this raises.

Can any deceased person be reanimated to promote a project? Following that train of thought, could a CGI Walt Disney someday be giving his stamp of approval to Dreamworks movies? And what happens when CGI actors and actresses are cheaper to animate than paying actual people? Could you take an average joe and turn them into an amazing CGI actor, or better yet, could an average joe turn themselves into an amazing CGI actor as the technology to do so grows both easier and cheaper? Can you copyright a person’s face or body? What about their mannerisms, the tone in which they speak, the tilt of their head, the way they walk?

I better stop before my night-blogger mind blows again. I still need it for an essay I’ve been procrastinating on.


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