Outlining and Streamlining (With Surprisingly Little Whining)

Yes, that’s what I’ve been working on all this time (in addition to the normal activities of everyday life).

Now, if you hearken back to January (ah, yes, the good ole’ days when I. Colina actually posted more than crappy updates about how terrible stressed life was and strange yet somehow mesmerizing photos found/photoshopped at early hours of the morning) you may recall my extremely clichéd New Year’s resolution: to write a book. But not just any book, one that I felt was decent enough to share with the world. None of my previous novel-length works have ever passed this test (which I honestly consider a good thing because they’re fairly atrocious) but that’s what I was going for this time around.

The first step in the creative process for me personally is coming up with an awesome idea/characters/story and figuring out how those three work together. The second part is creating a rough outline which helps me to get a vague sense of where I’m headed as well as hash out some inconsistencies that could potentially become problematic plot holes later on.

The third step is actual writing. AKA the part where  90% of aspiring writers fail* and the step I’m about to embark on.

Now, in keeping with the whole “getting over the fear of showing/talking to other people about my work” New Year’s resolution, I’m going to be writing this month about some of the things that have inspired or do inspire me for this project as well as some of the concepts I’m trying to work through as I create the story. The idea is to create/share in a kind of continuum, with one aspect feeding the other and vice versa.

I’m also hoping this collection of original inspiration(s) or “sparks” for the story will be something that I can look back on when I get burned out or tired that will help me keep going. It’s also a way I can involve you guys without posting boring word-count updates and lame content-less pictures once a week.

So that’s what’s up this month. (And if you’re not a fan of the inspirery-wirey crap, don’t worry, I guarantee there’ll be plenty of ridiculous photoshops and bad puns as well).

*statistics legitimately made up

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