Catching Fire Trailer

Excuse me while I go squee for a while.

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Okay, I’m back, I’m good now, I swear. A few thoughts:

1) Katniss’s hair appears to much darker in this trailer, as opposed to dark brown in the first movie. It is very close to (if not) black as it is described in the books. A superficial change but worth noting, since it may be an indicator of how closely new director Francis Lawrence is taking the source material.

2) The camera work appears to be crisp, clean, and without an abundance of SHAKY CAM. I realize this could be vastly different from the actual movie, but honestly, just compare one of the trailers for the first movie to the one above. The camera’s doing waaay more bobbing around during the beginning non-action scenes in that last trailer than it should be. This is a hopeful goodbye to dearest shaky cam and I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.

3) I was a bit concerned (and honestly still am) about the splitting of Mockingjay into two movies. It’s not a big book and while there are plenty of subplots that could completely fill two movies if they’re used correctly, this particular ploy has an impressively depressing chance of dragging the movies on without containing actual substance. To put it another way, it could easily become nothing more than a completely shameless money grab. (Whether or not it is already is still up for debate).

That being said, this trailer appears to be focusing mainly on the first half of the Catching Fire book. If the entire movie follows suit, or at least doesn’t cover the entire second book, there is a chance that the splitting of the final movie could work to the story’s advantage rather than detract from it. By spreading out, slowing down, but not straggling, an extra movie means more screen time for this fascinating story. I’m game.

4) The plot seems a little more subtle this time around as per the natural progression of the books, which, if you haven’t read yet, please go do so. In the first book/movie, the main challenge was somewhat simplified: kill or be killed. While there were other factors at play, they took the backseat when The Games came finally started. In Catching Fire (at least in the book) much of the story is spent not in direct conflict but in political and social maneuvering. That may sound boring but when you mix in a rebellion and keep the stakes of life or death equally high, if not higher, the results are surprisingly intriguing.

5) Katniss’s sassy “Do it.” at the end of the trailer. Seriously BA. Do you even need to ask why I love this girl?

In short, I’m excited, but wary. Now we only have to wait until November.

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