What’s Up 6/11/2013

Ah, the sweet scent of Spring finals are in the air and I deeply appreciate your patience  as I muddle through them. Essays abounded last week and I found that once I was done speed-typing outlines that looked like this

• Thesis: In Donne’s poem “Death be not proud,” the unspoken motivation of the speaker undermines the strong and seemingly uncomplicated surface interpretation of the poem and reveals a great deal of how humanity relates to death and dying. {something to this effect}

• Surface level + what those other critics, who are in no way as brilliant as this random college student, are saying and why they’re like, so totally wrong.

• The actual poem, actually. Rhyme scheme, punctuation, examples galore + how this adds to the surface level interpretation (we’ll talk about how this comes back around and relates in a bit).

• Unspoken motivation, Charles, [that’s what’s up]

• Bringing it around town.

• This might not be five pages, so insert more filler from other wrong critics who have only been doing crap like this their entire lives

• Bam, mind-blowing conclusion about humanity and death that is no way original because I’ve come thousands of years late to the game but only have 19 years of personal experience to draw upon, but nets me an A–B grade hopefully (Depending on how much I get sidetracked by books/food/netflix).

• Laugh maniacally.

• Move on to next essay.

. . .into twelve page papers that flowed beautifully, spoke deeply, and (hopefully) keep the good grades coming, I found myself incredibly unwilling to write anything else for at least a few days. So I didn’t. So poor bloggy suffered. So sorry. Things shall be picking up around here though, so hang on to your hats, hucksters, and homely kitchen appliances.

Onward to Summer!

PS–That was in fact my actual outline for my actual paper that I actually turned in. Actually.

PPS–I really need a new name for this blog. “Bloggy?” Come on. If you have any suggestions, feel free to put them in the comments!


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