Greetings New Friends!

For some reason I read that in Starfire’s voice.


Hmm, yes. Well hello fellow tumblr-ians! I was honestly not expecting so many of you to stop by for the Sue games. Thanks for checking it out.

I’m planning on posting a new part of the story every Tuesday and will do my best to stick to that schedule, however (disclaimer, disclaimer) sometimes I simply won’t be able to. If I am ever unable to complete a section on time, I will let you know via post, probably with a lame excuse to boot.

If you really want to know, I am also theblogofnar on Tumblr. Please take note though, I mostly just reblog stuff I find interesting; my original works (mainly stories) I usually publish solely on this blog. However, since I have gotten a couple asks for a rebloggable version of The Battle of the Snowflakes (just typing that cracks me up) here’s the first chapter on Tumblr.

Thanks again and (hopefully) see you all on Tuesday! In the metaphorical sense. Or spiritual. Whatever.


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