Daily Archives: September 21, 2013

First Con!

I have to get some quick notes down before I pass out from exhaustion but basically my first “official” comic convention was awesome.

On this very day, previously mentioned best friend Kris took me to a tiny little thing called Rose Con which is held in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was a complete surprise for me (Kris didn’t even tell me where we were going until we headed out the door) and it was nar-freaking-tastic.

I’ve heard rumors. I’ve seen pictures. Even checked out the occasional video. I knew in my mind that things such as cons existed and that many people enjoy going to them.

However, reconciling the fact that some things exist with actually experiencing said things is a completely different matter.

I’d say a moderate estimate would be that it took me three hours of walking around gaping and goggling at everything and everyone for my mind to catch up with what was going on.

And the entire time I was thinking:  and this is just a small one.

Kris and I went to three panels, talked to tons of people, took absurd amounts of photos, and purchased many items. There were also unmentionable amounts of fan-squee that occurred at various points throughout the day. (To be honest, my squee has continued to follow me around all day and may very well continue into the better part of the week).

So I’m typing this, trying to recreate the experience while not falling asleep on my keyboard and the only thing I can think of is: when could I go again?

Now that’s what I call a good day.