An Artist’s Prayer For You

We, all of us, create every day, whether we call ourselves artist or not, whether we realize it or not. We create our world and our reality for ourselves and each other. Through our actions, our interactions, our choices, our thoughts or lack thereof, what we decide to love and what we decide to hate, which emotions we allow to spill out of us in the moment, and which emotions we bottle up inside at the same time.

We, humans, create our lives as we go–God or no–such is the power of choice. Such is our power. Such is your power.

And here is choice One, the One that matters, the One you must choose in this moment, no do-overs, no take backs, no choice in whether you get to chose or not:

You may look at this world around you and focus on what is not, what you are not. The failures, the cracks, the scarcely conceivable travesties, he typos, what you cannot find, cannot understand, cannot stop.

And you can drown in that endless ocean.

Or you can make it one drop lighter.

“A single, solitary drop. How pathetic.”

“But one less.”

“One less drop of eternity is nothing.”

“Yet if that one drop is one person, it is everything.”


“Because that one could be you.”

So choose.

So you do.


So you can’t, don’t, wont. So your back, head, stomach, spine hurts, has hurt, never stops hurting. So you are lazy, are numb, can’t-don’t-won’t care, all at the same time. So the people around you did nothing but add add add drops to your drowning ocean, never once taking any away so why wouldn’t you, why wouldn’t you, why. wouldn’t. you. return the favor? Why would you lighten when all you’ve been given is more weight?

So you don’t. So you drown. Choice is over.

No do-overs.





It’s okay.

Because here’s another moment:


Here’s another:


And another:


Here you get to make the choice again:


Some days you drown. Even the lightest of us can’t swim all the time. On those days, weeks, months, years, as your lungs fill with endless oceans and you struggle to breath, to feel, to function, to do, to be, to anything, I pray with every bit of my being, portion of my soul, muse of my mind, that someone not now drowning will make the choice in their moment to lighten your ocean.

If only by one drop.

Sincerely, an artist-creator and momentary drowning survivor.


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