A Few Thoughts Before the Year Is Over

First of all: thank you. Really. Every single person who read/followed/commented on this blog in any way is incredibly encouraging. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart (and also the top. And the middle. Just take the thanks, okay?).

Secondly: I hope you had a chicken-souper-de-dooper last year and may the next year be even better.

Finally: I wish to share with you this video from youtuber Olan Rogers, whom I had the pleasure of meeting back in August on his Seattle stop of the Eat a Slice tour. It was a four-hour drive to get to and worth every second. If you’re not interested in a breakdown of the tour (which is still pretty awesome) you can skip to the last few minutes for some sweet encouragement as you head into the new year:

{insert catchphrase here}, friends, and I’ll see you next year.

(Yeah, I know. But the next year jokes are pretty much required at this point).


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