Strange Ch-Ch-Changes

New year, new look, new list of some of the new things around here:

What’s changed:

The domain – “” has now become “” Aside from being shorter and easier to remember, I now officially own the domain, so whoo hoo.(I feel like I spelled that wrong).

Pages of Legend/Page of Man Chins – Let’s face it, they weren’t really legendary. I may replace them with a menu for Sue Games (so it’s easier to find) or book/movie reviews. We shall see.

Facebook – if you use it more than the wordpress reader (which I personally do), feel free to like the Awkward to Awesome page (hint, it’s the one with the pie picture) for fabulous bloggy updates.

Header – I like sheep. I like ninjas. The two combined were sweet. But the Bloginator is two years old now and needed a change. Rest assured Burns, Harrison, McNary, and Keith Logins Jr. will still be around, you just won’t see them. In the mean time, here is a festive picture of pinkish-blackish scenery which I believe sums up this blog perfectly.

What might change:

Comments – Due to the commenting/spam ratio, I’ve been toying with the idea of removing them completely, at least on this site, or alternatively only having them on posts that are designed for meaningful discussion. After all, conversations could still take place on ALL posts on the shiny new facebook page. Comments on old articles (at least a couple months) are the most likely to be shut down for spam/troll reasons.

Theme – I like the Mystique theme so unless another theme really strikes my fancy it should stick around for at least another year. However the color scheme, side bars, pages of legend (which, really, have not been that legendary so far), and other applications may shift around or disappear entirely. This includes the menus, color schemes, overall design, tagline, etc, many of which have already been switched around.

In other news, thanks for sticking around and welcome to another year with Awkward to Awesome.

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