Favorite Characters #15



Jedi Master Shaak Ti

I’ve talked a lot about Star Wars in previous posts, and it even made my Fav February list a couple years ago (as number 15, what?). And you should know that when I say “Star Wars” I mean the entire expanded universe, not just the movies. This includes, but is not limited to: cartoons, comics, novelizations, video games, etc. Out of all of those, Shaak Ti is my favorite character and below, I’ve listed just a few reasons why:

• She is, as previously mentioned, a Jedi Master.

• She has naturally pointed teeth (you know, just in case she needs to rip out someone’s throat while weaponless) and her hollow montrals (head horns) can sense space through a form of echolocation. Presumably she could go to San Diego Comic Con and wander through the crowd without bumping into anyone as well as use her teeth to threaten those who dared try.

• She killed an Akul (her species’s most dangerous natural predators) and used its teeth to make a freakin’ headdress. Essentially, this is the equivalent of a mouse slaying a cat in the most badass manner possible and then deciding to casually wear said cat’s teeth as an accessory for the rest of its life.

• She trained and later lost two padawans. Then she decided to train another one anyway.

• She survived the Battle of Geonosis as depicted in Attack of the Clones:


• She then became a sweet diggety-bomb general in the ensuing clone wars.

• Her character was scripted to die several times in the movies, (to the point where they actually shot some scenes), but each time the scenes were removed from the final product and declared not to be canon. Presumably this was done because sheer awesome cannot be contained by something so simple as death.

• She survived the Jedi Apocalypse (by dueling and escaping Darth Vader no less). She was also the only Master besides Obi Wan and Yoda known to survive. Not bad for a character with around four seconds of screen time.

•  After her escape she moves to the planet of Felucia (a planet best known for its poisonous plants, deadly wildlife, and general all-around lethality to alien species) and then tames it.

• No, seriously. She trains a militia of locals to rise up against the Sith if need be, trains an apprentice, brings the entirety of the chaotic planet to peace under her control, and domesticates a freaking rancor:


Remember this thing that nearly ate Luke?

• Oh, and she rides said rancor into battle later on.

•  When faced with certain death, she tosses herself into a Saarlac (but a body was never found).

• When she supposedly died the entire the entire planet and most of its inhabitants descended into chaos and madness. She was literally the only thing keeping the place together through sheer force* of will.

For these reasons as well as others, I consider her an All-Around Money Swag Boss** and my 15th favorite character.

*I couldn’t resist, sorry.
**Actually her official title.

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