Favorite Characters #14


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Toph Beifong

Gather round all to hear the tale of one of the most fabulous children’s shows ever animated (Avatar the Last Airbender if you were wondering) and one, just one, of its many nuanced and excellently written characters.

• The only daughter of rich, overprotective parents who treat her like she’s a china doll because she’s blind.

• Sneaks out of the house to participate in secret nighttime earthbending tournaments (basically WWE except participants can move sections of earth to fight).

• Is the undefeated champion of said secret nighttime earthbending tournaments, during which she routinely defeats grown men four times her age and ten times her size.

• Oh, and she’s twelve. And can’t see.

• Has a cynical sense of humor. (+20 points)

• Has overwhelming confidence that rarely, if ever, becomes arrogance.

• She learns how to metalbend (which is impossible in her world up until the moment she creates/discovers it) because she’s awesome.

• Kicks an unholy amount of butt throughout the entire series.

• Seriously, just watch the entire series. Pretty much every reoccurring character is just as fleshed out and well written.


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