Favorite Characters #13


13 spockn


Judging by that crappy silhouette, this character could have been just about any humanoid in the universe. Apparently finding a nice profile of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s first officer (and sometimes captain) is more difficult than you would think. Also, for arguments sake, we’re sticking to Spock Prime for this discussion. Now on to the awesomeness:

• First of all, let’s get the basics out of the way: Leonard Nimoy is the best. But you already knew that. Even better, nowadays it seems like he and Shatner are seen as the grandfathers of anything even vaguely space-related.

• As far as the actual character is concerned, there are many excellent qualities that go into making Spock, such as loyalty, intelligence, impressive logic and deductive skills, a penchant for being the only one who actually gets stuff done on away missions, fabulous eyebrows, etc. . . But the true reason Spock is such an great characters essentially boils down to one trait for me:


The sass.

• Really though.

• Sweet catchphrases and psuedo-science speak.

• Seriously, the sass. I will give the 2009 reboot this, Zachary Quinto has the Spock sass down to, dare I say, a science.

• Sadly, as my youtube search for “disco Spock” resulted in some deplorably substandard material, I have nothing better to end this entry with than this:

Wait, did I say “sadly?” I meant “joyful joyful we sing the praises of those have not yet seen the light but are about to because this glorious video of which we do not yet know is about to change our lives.”

You’re welcome.

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