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First, a few words about The Lego Movie:

I love being surprised by movies. The Dark Knight surprised me. So did How to Train Your Dragon. When I heard The Lego Movie had a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes (now 96%) I went in the theater prepared for it to surprise me and it surprised me anyway.

I recognized every character trope as it appeared: the everyman hero, the super speshul girl, the wise mentor, the big bad, the dragon. I knew the story tropes too: ordinary hero finds special device, becomes chosen one, no one believes in him but eventually he shows them all and saves the day and gets the girl. . .

And yet.

The beauty of The Lego Movie is not that it completely subverts these common tropes, but that it uses those tropes as building blocks, as Legos if you will, for the story at large. And just because you know what the bricks look like doesn’t mean you know where they fit in.

Which brings me to Fav February’s Favorite Character #11 (wow that’s a mouthful): Emmet.


Emmet is the everyman hero of The Lego Movie and he really has nothing going for him and could have easily become a boring character because of this. He’s a construction worker and. . .that’s about it. Even the other construction workers have at least one defining feature. They like coffee, or dancing, or large sausages.

Emmet doesn’t. He follows the instructions to the letter. He tries to fit in at every turn, but ends up being one more generic face in a sea of generic faces. His only original idea, a plan for a double-decker couch, is ridiculed by everyone who hears about it.

Maybe it’s just this point in my life, but that struck a chord with me. I’ll be graduating college in the spring and will be looking for work in an economy where the unemployment rate for college graduates is the highest it’s been in the last two decades. Worse still, I’d like to work in some sort of creative field. Fields that are currently packed to overflowing with folks far more creative and charismatic than I.

And yet.

Despite being told flat out that he’s average and really not that useful, Emmet does his best anyway. He builds. Creates. Even Especially  stupid things.

Silly, feel good character in a kids movie? Of course.

Incredibly encouraging message regardless of your age?

Of course.

PS– If you still aren’t convinced of the awesomeness that is The Lego Movie, let it be known that it has one of the most accurate representations of Batman I’ve ever seen. Also this song. That is all.


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