Favorite Characters #10


10 Erza_Scarlet%22

Erza Scarlet.

I guess I should preface this by saying I don’t watch much anime. Nothing against it, frankly, my excuse for not watching is the same excuse for not having seen many popular TV shows people have recommended to me (Breaking Bad, Buffy, Futurama etc): I simply don’t have the time to do so at this point in my life.

That said, somehow Fairy Tail made it through the cracks. I don’t know how. To be honest, I don’t even remember when. All I remember is a blurry three weeks of so (during finals of course) where I destroyed the nearly 200 episodes of the show that were available at the time.

It could be one of the worst, most clichéd bits of contrived nonsense ever animated and I wouldn’t know. I simply don’t have enough knowledge about the genre. But it grabbed my attention, and held it, even if it did get campy at times. Even if nobody (and I mean nobody) ever dies. Seriously. Even characters who have been established as dead before the series started come back in one way or another. It’s bonkers.

But enough of that, on to Erza.

Why is she my favorite? Probably because I have a weakness for awesome badass sword-fighting female characters who tolerate no nonsense. In fact, most of her characterization boils down to the fact that she is badass, which I am perfectly fine with. Even when you know it’s no contest, you still can’t help but root for her.

Also, she essentially fights by changing outfits. Magically. Like upgraded version of the Sailor Moon transformation.  And she makes it badass.

And even when you think she can’t get any more awesome, (such as, oh, I don’t know, say, 166 episodes in), she does.

PS: +50 points for a sweet theme song.

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