Favorite Characters #6


6 Eowyn

Éowyn from The Lord of the Rings

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Wasn’t there already a lengthy post about a fierce female who flings sharp objects at things?

The answer is yes, several. Because they’re fantastic.

In addition to the mad skills blatantly presented in the movies/books, Éowyn has the bonus of being an underdog in every fight (which heightens the tension and makes you root for her even harder).

She also:

• Receives +1000 swag*-points for killing the unkillable by way of grammatical loopholes.

• [decades old spoiler alert I guess] becomes queen by the end of the narrative, which is always a good sign.

• As far as we know, is the only female, dare I say, killing it on the battlefield. (insert heckling boos here)

Unless you count Legolas of course.

• is responsible for this moment in cinematic history.

*Ugg, why can’t I stop using that word? What does it even mean? Who cares? Why am I rambling about this? What’s with all the questions? I should probably go to bed. I’m exhausted. But then I’ll have to to FIVE of these tomorrow. . .

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