A Most Torturous Weekend

Including, but not limited to:

• Two car rides which were much longer than the seven to nine hours they were expected to take.

• One of my friends getting a concussion during the trip and having to go to the emergency room.

• Myself getting sick.

Terrible snowy/icy road conditions on our drive home Sunday which slowed our progress to a crawl, had us nearly slide off the road more than once, and eventually forced us to stop and spend another night in a hotel miles away from our destination. In total, we spent about eleven continuous hours on the road and still had to drive another four the next morning.

• I failed to mention the fact that during those eleven hours, I was slowly filling and eventually overflowing a plastic grocery bag with kleenex I had stolen from the last hotel.

• Of course, due to our extra overnight stay, I missed every one of my Monday classes and, thanks to a severe lack of wifi whilst on the road, turned in an enormous final paper late.

• Woo life.

All this to say, sorry for the delay. The last five characters from Fav February will be coming shortly, as well as the next installment of Sue Games. Thanks for hanging in there (and tolerating my rants). Here, have a kitten:



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