Favorite Characters #4


4 Dr._Horrible

Dr. Horrible, from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

First, if you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, go do so at once. You can download it on itunes, or watch the entire thing for free in sections on YouTube. It’s only about 45 minutes long, and worth every second. It’s also a Joss Whedon production (dang, that makes three Joss Whedon characters in the top fifteen with no Buffy) so there’s that.

Second, if you have seen it, you know that Dr. Horrible is supposed to be a villain. So why is he on the heroic (ish) characters list?

Well [mild spoiler alert, seriously just go watch the thing already] among other things, despite being a self-proclaimed villain (catchphrase being “I have a PhD in horribleness”) he isn’t actually that. . . horrible. His claim to fame is a freeze ray which freezes people in place without actually harming them. He also fits the well-intentioned extremist trope to a T and is visibly disgusted at the suggestion of fighting one of his enemies in a park that “has kids in it.”

Like Mal or River or indeed almost all of Whedon’s characters, I think a lot of the appeal of Dr. Horrible is in his reversal of the expected arcs. He’s not really a hero, but he’s not a villain either; he’s disillusioned with the world and wants to make things better, the problem is his means of getting to that end aren’t so great (see the aforementioned well-intentioned extremist bit above).

Regardless of your personal feelings on the morality of what he’s doing, you end up rooting for him, if only because you want something to finally go right for the poor guy.

And the ending. . .well, I’ll just say the sheer force of character development knocked me for a loop, and that doesn’t happen very often.

Seriously, just go watch it. I’ll leave my favorite song here to entice you:


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