Favorite Characters #2


2 harry dresden

Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files series

This one kind of grew on me. When I read the first book, Storm Front about a year ago, I didn’t care for the main character. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the books: they were clever, magical, and had that perfect mix of sarcastic, smart humor I love. I was less sure about the traditional noir protagonist with pop culture references and magic thrown in for spice. Plus Dresden had all the elements of a Marty Stu (a male Mary Sue equivalent): ridiculous powers, girls constantly throw themselves at him, orphan/tragic background, rebel, etc.

However, as the series continued, I began appreciating Dresden more and more, particularly the way author Jim Butcher de-sueified him. He’s super-powered by human standards but constantly goes up against supernatural beings well out of his weight class. The females throwing themselves at him nine times out of ten also want to kill him. His tragic backstory never leads to angst. His awesome moments have not yet (as of book 14 in the series anyway) jumped the shark. And, via the previously mentioned sarcastic humor, almost all the potential corny moments of the series are pointed out in universe by at least one character, usually Dresden himself.

What’s more, based on the sheer amount of magical heavyweights in world, he’s a permanent underdog: always outmatched, always at the disadvantage, and always struggling to figure things out at the last minute before it all flies apart at the seams. And yet, not stepping in never seems to occur to him. Sure he thinks about it once in a while, but the response is always the same. It’s automatic: if he sees someone in trouble, he has to step in, because he won’t be able to live with himself otherwise. He may have a lot of flaws, but choosing whether or not to step in is not one of them.



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