Back From Break; Time to Get Down to Business

Hey guys, long time no see. . .er, post. Because I can’t actually see you guys, amiright?

*eyes dart nervously*

Anyway, the last. . .holy crap, month and a half? Wow. Ahem. The last month and a half has been filed with. . .stuff. Yeah. You probably knew that already. After running full speed for the last two years in an effort to get through college, when I finally got the chance to catch my breath, I jumped into it wholeheartedly. So for the last few weeks, I took a step back from my myriad of projects (both writing and otherwise) and just took a break.

It was wonderful.

Thank you all for hanging on during hiatus and in other news, who uses semicolons in a header? It just screams pretentious.

Anyway, I’m back now and ready to roll.

Dinner roll that is. I’m starving.

See^ you folks later.

*tips hat*

*bowleggedly strides away*


^not literally

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