Writing Prompt: Brainstorming Edition

Inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and John Scalzi’s “The Human Division.”

Step one: Create or find a music playlist. I used the aforementioned Awesome Mix Vol. 1.

Step two: Open a blank word document/get out a sheet of paper.

Step three: Begin the playlist and start writing whatever comes to mind. You have the duration of the song to write down as much as you can.

The rules: Every time a song ends and another begins, stop what you’re working on, skip down a few lines, and start a completely different story/idea/chapter/train of thought/whatever.

Go until the playlist ends, or you hit a few really good ideas and want to spend more time with them.

This method is great for coming up with ideas during a time crunch. Only have fifteen minutes? Pick a fifteen minute playlist and go. It also helps keep you from getting too bored or frustrated with the beginning of a story and allows you to work on different aspects of a story, even if you’re not sure how they intertwine yet.

I got about a thousand words split into ten different sections. Not bad for forty-five minutes.

Enough reading, go forth and scribble!


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