Attack of the Rafter

Me, two days after moving in to my new place, to my housemates:

“So, do turkeys usually swarm our front yard?”

My housemate Cheri gave me a strange look followed by a long, drawn-out, “no…?”

She then followed me to the front door and gazed upon this:


This picture contains about half as many turkeys as had actually gathered. Several flew away while I was trying to get close enough to take a picture.

Turkeys, just wandering through our yard and pecking at the desolate, drought-stricken grass-scraps that pass for a lawn here in northern California.

Now, I don’t actually live near a forest, in fact I live in a neighborhood that’s nestled between a highway and another fairly busy road that leads to a college. It’s not exactly what you would call a wildlife refuge. In fact I have yet to see a deer (which are quite common) anywhere near the area. But for whatever reason, on this particular morning, about 20 turkeys decided to visit my house.

Bonus fact: when I was telling my parents this story, my dad informed me that it was not a “flock” of turkeys as I had incorrectly called them, but actually a “rafter.”



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