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About this site:

This blog is written and maintained by I. Colina with help from the fabulous All things stated here are from the viewpoint and personal bias of the author, usually me, occasionally others. The things posted here may be biased, unfair, opinionated, random, ridiculous, or make no sense. You may take offense at one (or several) of the previously mentioned items. The longer you read, the better chance I have of unintentionally angering you. It happens to the best of us.

For that reason (among others) I usually do not have comments enabled for the articles on this site. Occasionally, however, that will change for posts where I am interested in promoting a discussion. If you see this and a) have interesting things to add to the discussion and b) can say them civilly and somewhat intelligently, you are welcome to comment.

If not, your comment gets axed. No arguments, no appeals, no mercy.

A simple guideline: if you wouldn’t say it to a grumpy ex-marine who’s a foot taller and has at least 100 pounds of muscle on you, then don’t put it in the comments.


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